Junior/Senior District Project Achievement

Congratulations to the Hall County 4-H'ers that competed at the 2015 4-H District Project Achievement on March 6, 7 and 8 at Rock Eagle 4-H Center.

7th Grade
Omar Gomez - Physical, Biological and Earth Science, 3rd
Regan Hutton - General Recreation, 6th
Trystan Johnston - Pizza, 5th
Alex Macias - Performing Arts, Vocal, 9th
Jason Martinez - Environmental Science, 2nd
Cody Woodard - Horse, 3rd

8th Grade
Gretchen Bullock - Performing Arts General, 7th
Jon Butler - Target Sports, 1st
Gracie McBride - Horse, 2nd
Katie White - Food for Health and Sport, 1st
Emily Williams - Performing Arts Instrumental, 3rd
Madison Williams - Performing Arts Instrumental, 5th

9th Grade
Rhea Chawla - Fashion Revue, 1st
Aylin Contreras - Photography, 5th
Sierra Freeman - History, 7th
Alex Johnston - Physical, Biological and Earth Science, 7th
Julianna Nunez - Communications, 3rd

10th Grade
Kanecia Garrett - Arts & Crafts, 13th
Grace Hilley - Performing Arts, General 7th
Xak Hodges - Performing Arts, Other Instrumental, 3rd

11th Grade
Erika Freeman - International, 5th

12th Grade
Devin DiMizio - Poultry & Egg Science, 1st
Jenna Kirby-VanNostrand - Festive Foods for Health, 7th
Kia Shields - History, 2nd
Shanicka Stephens - Performing Arts, Piano, 2nd
Courtney Woodard - Horse, 1st


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