Upcoming Events

Poultry Judging Team - March 2, 6:30 pm
It's not too late to join Poultry Judging Team!  We're still looking for students who are interested in learning about chickens and eggs.  Our next practice is March 2nd, 6:30pm, at the
 4-H office.  Click here for the informational flyer.

4-H Summer Camp registration will continue until all spaces are filled.  Please call or email to check on availability before coming to the 4-H office.
5th & 6th Summer Camp - June 1-5, Rock Eagle 4-H Center
6th, 7th and 8th grade Wilderness Challenge Camp - July 6-10, Wahsega 4-H Center (CLICK HERE)

7th & 8th Grade Summer Camp - June 22-26, Fortson 4-H Center (4-H members only) (CLICK HERE)
High School 4-H Summer Camp - June 29, Fortson 4-H Center (4-H members only) (CLICK HERE)
High School EXTREME Camp - June 8-12 Rock Eagle Pioneer Camp (4-H members only) (CLICK HERE)

Walton County BB Practice Match - February 28

Junior and Senior District Project Achievement - March 6, 7 and 8, Rock Eagle 4-H Center
Best wishes to our Junior and Senior 4-H'ers who will compete in District Project Achievement March 6-8.  We will let you know the results of the competition by mid-month.

The Junior 4-H'ers competing are:

Gretchen Bullock Performing Arts, General (Dance)
Jon Butler Target Sports
Omar Gomez Physical, Biological & Earth Science
Regan Hutton General Recreation
Trystan Johnston Pizza
Alex Macias Performing Arts, Vocal
Jason Martinez Environmental Science
Gracie McBride Horse
Katie White Food for Health and Sport
Emily Williams Performing Arts, Instrumental
Madison Williams Performing Arts, Instrumental
Cody Woodard Horse

...and the Senior competitors are:

Rhea Chawla Fashion Revue
Aylin Contreras Photography
Devin DiMizio Poultry and Egg Science
Erika Freeman International
Sierra Freeman History
Kanecia Garrett Arts & Crafts
Grace Hilley Performing Arts, General
Xak Hodges Performing Arts, Instrumental
Alex Johnston Physical, Biological & Earth Science
Jenna Kirby-Van Nostrand Festive Foods for Health
Julianna Nunez Communications
Robb Sheppard Master 4-H'er, attending as Teen Leader
Kia Shields History
Shanicka Stephens Performing Arts, Piano
Courtney Woodard Horse, Triple Master

Cloverleaf Mandatory DPA Meeting - March 12
ALL CLOVERLEAF District Project Achievement participants are required to attend a practice night at the 4-H office on Thursday, March 12th.  Please stop by our office anytime between 3-7 pm.  Bring ALL demonstration supplies with you.  Competitors will present their demonstrations for one of the 4-H staff members or a 4-H volunteer.  Details and paperwork about DPA will be give to you that night.

Cops & Kids Exhibition Shoot - March 12
Please come and watch the Hall County 4-H BB Team as it challenges the shooting skills of some of our local law enforcement officers in their 10th annual Cops and Kids Target Sports Challenge.  The event will be held March 14th and begins 9am at the Chicopee Woods Agricultural Center.  Bring some pocket money for concessions!  The dogs and burgers are ALWAYS great!

Hall County 4-H Spring Horse Show - March 28 (Jr. and Sr. DPA participants plan to help)
Riders, please join us for our Spring Show!  Click here for the show entry form and class sheet.  If you love horses and would like to volunteer to help at the event, please contact Ms. Tilford at (770) 535-8291 or email jtilford@uga.edu.

State 4-H S.A.F.E. BB Match - April 11
Area Poultry Judging Contest - April 17
Girlz Night Out - April 24

Hippology and Horse Judging - May 1 and 2
Spring Yard Sale - May 2 (Jr. and Sr. DPA participants plan to help)
Junior Rally - May 2 and 3
Jr/Sr DPA Campout - May 15 & 16
Cloverleaf Summer Camp Teen Leader Traning - May 16
Cloverleaf Summer Camp Parent Meeting - May 19 (Camp Teen Leaders to attend)

Cloverleaf Summer Camp - June 1-5
4th H for Health Club - June 9, 16, 30
Senior Extreme Camp - June 8-12
Georgia 4-H Horse Show - June 9-13
4-H Horse School - June 14-18
4-H Food Bank, Poster and Exhibit Making and HANGOUT DAY - June 18
Junior Camp - June 22-26
State Council - June 26-28
Senior Camp - June 29-July 3
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