Upcoming Events

4-H Fall Yard Sale - November 1
The 4-H Club will have their annual Fall MEGA Yard Sale on November 1 at the Hall County Farmers Market.  The place will be packed-full of things to buy!  Come and shop from 7am until 2pm.

Hall County Steer and Heifer Show - November 1, Chicopee Woods Ag. Center, in the morning
Good luck contestants!

Junior Conference - November 8 & 9, Rock Eagle 4-H Center

The Hall County Junior 4-H'ers registered to attend Junior Conference will enjoy

recreation, workshops, service projects, dances, exhibits, a color run,
inflatables and more fun than humanly possible!  Information about Junior Conference has been shared at the middle school 4-H club meetings.
Contact Mrs. Alligood for details.

Cotton Boll and Consumer Jamboree Contest - November 12
The Cotton Boll and Consumer Jamboree contest will be held November 12th at the Chicopee Woods Agricultural Center.  Good luck to our amazing team!  Senior Team: Sierra Freeman and Erika Freeman and Junior Team: Madison Williams, Haley Freeman, Katie White and Katlynn Johnson.

County Commissioner Recognition Night
4-H'ers who competed at District Project Achievement will be recognized for their 4-H Project work at the November 13th County Commissioners meeting.  The meeting will be held at the Hall County Government Center.  This is a great opportunity for you to meet our local government leaders.  Please save this date!  We will meet at the center between 6-6:15pm.  Dress nice.  High School 4-H'ers, please wear formal attire.  We'll bring the green jackets.  Watch for more information.

4-H Family Fun Day - November 15, 11am - 4pm, Hall County Farmers Market
Families are invited to come to the Farmers Market on November 15th to help raise money for an East Hall Middle School student who is battling cancer.  There will be LOTS of farm animals such has horses, donkeys, pigs, cows, goats and chickens.  Admission is $7.00, horse rides are $5.00.  There will be concession stand with hotdogs, chili and baked goods.  Please come to this event.  Your contribution will help this deserving student.  4-H money (Bulldawg Bucks) can be used for admission.

Junior Portfolio Workshop - November 17, 6:30pm, 4-H office
7th and 8th graders are invited to come to the 4-H office to get help with their portfolios.  In order to compete at District Project Achievement, you will need to submit your completed portfolio to the Hall County 4-H office no later than Friday, December 19, 5pm.  Call or email to register.  Please don't wait until the last minute.

Farm City Breakfast - November 18
Junior an Senior 4-H'ers are invited to attend the annual Farm City Breakfast on Tuesday, November 18th.  The breakfast will be held at the East Hall Community Center.  Check-in is at 7am.  You are to wear formal 4-H attire.  Your parent must drop you off at the center but the 4-H staff will take you to school.  We will provide a letter for your school explaining why you are tardy.  You must register in advance to attend by calling or emailing Ms. Tilford, jtilford@uga.edu on or before November 12th.

.22 Rimfire Team - December 6
All High School students interested in joining the competitive .22 Rimfire Team must attend the orientation meeting on Saturday, December 6th at the Ten Ring Sporter Range, 4212 Roy Parks Road, Gainesville, 30507.  The meeting will begin at 2pm.  For more information contact: Mr. Sherman Pass 678/618-0660

4-H Volunteer Leader Dinner - December 12
We are so thankful for all of our volunteers who coach and lead 4-H clubs and programs!  Volunteers, please save Friday, December 12th, 6:30pm on your calendar for dinner with us!  Invitations will be mailed in mid-November.  Thank you for ALL that you do!

4-H December Classic (aka Senior Fall Forum) December 13 & 14, Rock Eagle 4-H Center
High School 4-H'ers can go online to learn about the December Classic.  Information will be emailed or mailed to you about this statewide program.

4-H Portfolios Due - Junior and Senior Portfolios are due: December 19, by 5pm
Late entries are not accepted.

4-H Christmas Day Camp - December 22, 5th and 6th graders
Come and spend a fun day with the 4-H staff!  You'll cook, play games, do holiday-type crafts, learn some cool stuff, enjoy outdoor sports and activities and see a movie.  Click here for the registration form!
 Registration deadline is December 12.

Certified Teen Leader Training - December 30
High School 4-H'ers interested in becoming "Certified Georgia 4-H Teen Leaders" are invited to register for this class.  More details will be announced as the date draws nearer.

Horse Quiz Bowl - January 24
The Horse Quiz Bowl Team information will be given at the Horse Club meetings.

ATTENTION:  ALL 5th and 6th grade Hall County students can compete at 4-H County Project Achievement.  CPA is an annual speech and performance contest sponsored by the 4-H Club.  To compete, students prepare an informative speech or a demonstration on a subject of their choice, make a poster and bring an item to share or show related to the topic.  Speeches/demonstrations are no longer than 6 minutes and performances are no longer than 4 minutes.  Performances do not require visual aids.  Ribbons are awarded at the county level.  This event is provided to you at no cost and includes games and refreshments for the participants.  Pre-registration is not necessary for participants.  Mark your calendar NOW and plan to attend!  January 27, Tadmore Elementary School, 3278 Gillsville Hwy, Gainesville, 30507, 6pm.  Junior and Senior 4-H'ers, please help provide leadership for this event.

4-H Fun Trip to Rock Eagle and UGA - February 13 (5th graders)
1st Year Shooter's Invitational - February 14

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