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Forsyth  County Practice Match

Congratulations to the Hall County shooters that shot at today's practice match in Forsyth County.  There were 178 shooters and 32 teams. Mack won 3rd overall and 1st in Prone with a perfect score of 100. Haley was 10th overall and 5th in standing. Ella won 1st in sitting. The team finished 8 overall. Thanks Forsyth 4-H BB team for putting on another great event as usual.

1st Year Shooters Invitational
It was a great day to see teams from 9 counties come to Gainesville for a great day of competition! We had nearly 60 1st year BB participants get their first taste of what competition is like. A special thanks to everyone for their hard work to make this happen!

SHMS Flower Sale
It was a Happy Valentine's Day as we sold a variety of carnations at South Hall Middle!!

Hall County 4-H

Cobb- Hall Exchange
We've had an amazing time with our friends from Cobb County! We participated in yoga, community service work, and a lock-in

Horse Club
We had a very informative Horse Club meeting on February 14th with guest speaker Dr. Eddy who taught us what to look for when buying a horse.

Special thanks to Dr. Eddy for taking the time to visit the horse club!