Hall County 4-H

Upcoming Events

Hall County 4-H Awards Program -August 27th  3pm Chicopee Woods Agriculture Center

Details coming

Juniors Workshop & Parent Dinner  -June 15th

Upcoming 7th & 8th grade 4-H'ers are invited 

Science Experiment Day -July 27th 10am-5pm  Hall County 4-H Office

Join us for experiments involving drones, rockets, engineering challenges, and some H20 learning!

4-H Exhibit Day -July 25th 10am-12pm  Hall County Farmers Market

This is a great opportunity to showcase a collection, experiment, subject, or presentation to the public

4-H Volunteer Leader Meeting & Family Picnic -July 9th 13pm  Hall County Farmers Market

Seniors Workshop & Parent Dinner  -June 28th 

Upcoming 9th-12th grade members are invited

State 4-H Council  -June 23rd-25th Rock Eagle 4-H Center 

Current 8th-12th grade members are invited to attend. Contact Ms. Tilford for more information

Art & Swim Day  -June 29th 10am-3pm  Don Carter State Park

Spend the morning painting, sketching and making sculptures and then go swimming after lunch, sounds like the perfect day!